Information Sharing and Analysis Center

We are offering Cyber Security Training to potential IT aspirants who have exceptional knowledge of the cyber world and are looking to establish a career in this field. We are supported by Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), an accreditation program that is looking for information security experts to protect the country from cyber-attacks. We are offering our Cyber Security Training at modest rates.

SoftConcept, is an authorized Training Partner with Information Sharing and Analysis Center to explore the most exceptional cyber knowledge amongst the IT aspirants. This would spread awareness and educate the students seeking career in IT field to get quality job prospective in the uncommon area of education.

The Need of ISAC:

  1. India is known for its capability in Information technology. But it is also a fact that India is one of the top countries with highest rate of Cybercrime incidents and computer virus infections. This not only affects a lot of individuals but also the business and the Government, who are regular targets of coordinated hacking attacks.
  2. Even as organizations strive to protect their sensitive information to defend from phishing attacks, data leakage, malware threats, email hacking, website defacements and other attacks, the Government is struggling to train the law enforcement about hacking, move towards secure e-governance for the common man and protect its national critical infrastructure from cyber-warfare and insider threats.
  3. To address the security concerns at both the Industry and the Government, it is essential to seek assistance from Information technology and security experts.

What is ISAC? :
Information Sharing and Analysis Center is a prestigious accreditation program awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country. The database also acts as a security clearance credit for accessing and operating on information for higher positions in the industry. A non-profit project of ISAC, supported by the Government of India, ISAC empanelling for an Information Security Professional not only helps in gaining higher credibility but also makes it easier to both the Industry and the Government to identify professionals who can be trusted with protecting sensitive data.

What is ISAC? :
A CSR Initiative of Orchid seven, Information sharing and Analysis center (ISAC) is a dependable and trust worthy non-profit organization supported by the Government of India, that has consistently endeavored to protect the Nations Cyber space. Over the last couple of years, ISAC has protected over a million customer accounts, credit cards, commercial and government websites from hacking by its timely Incident response facility.

How is ISAC supported? :
Various Government and Corporate organizations support the project by means of support letters or formal MoU's. Both the CERT-IN and NTRO, nodal agencies under IT-ACT Law, officially support the ISAC program. For more information, kindly write to us!

How Does One Qualify To Be Listed in ISAC? :
The single largest objective of ISAC is to protect the country and its economy from Cyber threats. The selection criteria for qualifying to be listed is based on various factors such as years of experience, certifications, technical skills, passion for Information security, intent to serve others and of course the most important - adherence to code of ethics. When you apply for listing in ISAC, you will have to select your area of specialty and undergo a written test / Lab exam along with a mandatory personal interview. If your empanelment is approved, you will be notified accordingly.

Who Has Access To The ISAC Database? :
The ISAC database is only available for the Government of India.