Exploit Development

FOR THE DEMIGODS OF CYBER SECURITY. As an empaneled exploit developer, you are recognized as the ultimate hackers and cyber security experts. A tough subject that only a select few are able to master, exploit development is one of the highest paid jobs in the Industry as well as with the agencies engaged in National Security.

If you have won any bug bounty's, have published world class exploits in exploit-db or related sites or have worked in exploit development with proven work, you can directly submit your detailed profile for review and request for approval in the Central Cyber Registry.

There are several methods of classifying exploits. The most common is by how the exploit contacts the vulnerable software. A 'remote exploit' works over a network and exploits the security vulnerability without any prior access to the vulnerable system. A 'local exploit' requires prior access to the vulnerable system and usually increases the privileges of the person running the exploit past those granted by the system administrator. Exploits against client applications also exist, usually consisting of modified servers that send an exploit if accessed with client application. Exploits against client applications may also require some interaction with the user and thus may be used in combination with social engineering method. Another classification is by the action against vulnerable system: unauthorized data access, arbitrary code execution, denial of service.

Many exploits are designed to provide superuser-level access to a computer system. However, it is also possible to use several exploits, first to gain low-level access, then to escalate privileges repeatedly until one reaches root. Normally a single exploit can only take advantage of a specific software vulnerability. Often, when an exploit is published, the vulnerability is fixed through a patch and the exploit becomes obsolete for newer versions of the software. This is the reason why some blackhat hackers do not publish their exploits but keep them private to themselves or other hackers.

This CCR domain focuses on the skills related to exploit development.

Job Roles

Exploit Developer and Researcher.

Exploit Development Domains

The Exploit Development Lab exam is only required in event of additional verification of skills and published work is needed.

The following domains are covered in the Exploit Development lab exam:

  1. The x86 Architechture
  2. Overflow attacks
  3. Advanced exploiting concepts
  4. Exploit writing with Metasploit


  1. Programming experience.
  2. Assembly Language knowledge.
  3. Understanding of common executable file formats / Debugging Concepts.
  4. Expertise in Reverse Code Engineering.
  5. Thorough knowledge of Web Applications.
  6. Experience with Shellcodes / Metasploit.
  7. Experience in Fuzzing & Exploit Development.
  8. In-Depth understanding of both Windows & Linux/Unix Architecture.

Benefits for Professionals

Benefits for Employers

Gain recognition for your skills from the Central Cyber Registry Hands-on proven skills recognized by Central Cyber Registry mean less time in training and faster "business ready" professionals for your Information security needs
Exclusive access to Priority Job reference Network and Up to 3 Job Interviews on passing CCR Lab exams Hire with Confidence – Minimize your risks as you always hire the right people with right skills
Clean Exit Program empowers your business and ensures peace of mind as candidates will not risk violating the code of ethics Get connected with local law enforcement and Intelligence agencies to support them in various Cyber crime and related cases
Qualify to participate in exclusive cyber security projects open only for Central Cyber Registry professionals by various Government of India organizations Hiring from CCR gives your organization access to priority notifications from the Ring of Fire network, that constantly monitors Indian Cyberspace
Special benefits for entrepreneurs for start-ups in Information Security domain Gives your organization exclusive discounts on further training and Information Security events across India, supported by CCR
Special benefits for entrepreneurs for start-ups in Information Security domain Provides increased credibility for your organization when working with vendors, contractors and government organizations

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