Digital Forensics

BECOME A TRUSTED ALLY OF THE INDUSTRY, LOCAL AND STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT. Digital Forensics is a fast rising and highly demanded expertise in India due to the fact that India is Number one when it comes to the most affected country for Cyber Crime in the world!

When you empanel in the Digital Forensics domain, you gain immense recognition and trust within the local and state law enforcement of India, along with the corporate Industry.

Work with various agencies or independently consult in various Cyber Crime Investigations to nail the offenders!

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime. The term digital forensics was originally used as a synonym for computer forensics but has expanded to cover investigation of all devices capable of storing digital data. Digital forensics investigations have a variety of applications.

The most common is to support or refute a hypothesis before criminal or civil (as part of the electronic discovery process) courts. Forensics may also feature in the private sector; such as during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation (a specialist probe into the nature and extent of an unauthorized network intrusion).

The technical aspect of an investigation is divided into several sub-branches, relating to the type of digital devices involved; computer forensics, network forensics, database forensics and mobile device forensics. The typical forensic process encompasses the seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition) and analysis of digital media and the production of a report into collected evidence.

As well as identifying direct evidence of a crime, digital forensics can be used to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources (for example, in copyright cases), or authenticate documents. Investigations are much broader in scope than other areas of forensic analysis (where the usual aim is to provide answers to a series of simpler questions) often involving complex time-lines or hypotheses.

By getting empaneled as a professional in the Digital Forensics domain, your profile is shared with all the local and state law enforcement agencies for you to get started in real life cyber crime cases.

Job Roles

Digital Forensics Analyst Senior Digital Forensic Analyst
Computer Forensic Analyst Digital Forensics Officer
Digital Forensics Investigator Cyber Forensics Associate
Consultant – Digital Forensics eDiscovery Business Analyst
Network Intrusions – Forensics Lead Forensic Cell Site Analyst
Cyber Security Fraud Intelligence Analyst Investigator – Incidence Response

Digital Forensic Domains

The Digital Forensics Lab exam is based on the following 10 broad domains:

  1. Digital Forensics Introduction
  2. Labs and Tools
  3. Collecting Evidence
  4. Windows System Artifacts
  5. Anti-Forensics
  6. Legal
  7. Internet and Network Forensics
  8. Mobile Device Forensics


  1. Sound understanding of Systems
  2. Good knowledge of File Systems
  3. Proficient in Data Recovery Tools and Techniques
  4. Expertise in Evidence gathering to support Law Enforcement
  5. Good knowledge of log analysis and co-relation

Benefits for Professionals

Benefits for Employers

Gain recognition for your skills from the Central Cyber Registry Hands-on proven skills recognized by Central Cyber Registry mean less time in training and faster "business ready" professionals for your Information security needs
Exclusive access to Priority Job reference Network and Up to 3 Job Interviews on passing CCR Lab exams Hire with Confidence – Minimize your risks as you always hire the right people with right skills
Clean Exit Program empowers your business and ensures peace of mind as candidates will not risk violating the code of ethics Get connected with local law enforcement and Intelligence agencies to support them in various Cyber crime and related cases
Qualify to participate in exclusive cyber security projects open only for Central Cyber Registry professionals by various Government of India organizations Hiring from CCR gives your organization access to priority notifications from the Ring of Fire network, that constantly monitors Indian Cyberspace
Special benefits for entrepreneurs for start-ups in Information Security domain Gives your organization exclusive discounts on further training and Information Security events across India, supported by CCR
Special benefits for entrepreneurs for start-ups in Information Security domain Provides increased credibility for your organization when working with vendors, contractors and government organizations

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