Permanent Aadhar Center (PEC)

Softconcept Technologies Pvt Ltd, is the leading service provider for the various e-governance and banking services to the corporate sector having e-governance projects of the Central Government and the State Governments We are the State Business Associate for Maharashtra for implementation of the Permanent Enrolment Center (PEC) for providing services of the central Government and various services Aadhar Card.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency of India. Its objective is to collect the biometric and demographic data of residents, store them in a centralized database, and issue a 12-digit unique identity number called Aadhaar to each resident.Permanent enrolment centers are required to facilitate the enrolment of residents left out in the camps organized by the Registrars in the past. They would also serve as Update Centers - both for biometric and demographic update. These centers will have all the devices & enrolment client required for doing enrolments as well as Demographic and Biometric Updates. These permanent enrolment centres will have to adhere to all the prescribed processes and guidelines issued by UIDAI regarding fresh enrolment as well as update, and will have to carry out their work only through software and hardware prescribed by UIDAI for this purpose.

Following services are offered: -

  1. UID Services
  2. Aadhar enrolment
  3. Aadhar Correction
  4. Aadhar Print on normal size
  5. Aadhar print out on plastic card (PVC)

Benefits of Aadhaar Card:

  1. Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy): The 12 digit individual identification number on Aadhar card is used to get LPG subsidy amount directly in the bank account. This DBTL scheme is named as PAHAL. To get this benefit you need to visit your area's distributor and get Aadhar number linked to the 17 digit LPG consumer number. Although now you can get direct benefit transfer by linking bank account to the LPG number.

  2. Jan Dhan Yojana: The guiness world record holder scheme Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) accepts Aadhaar card/number as the only document sufficient to open the bank account. Although you open PMJDY account after producing other documents as well. The benefits offered are RuPay card, free zero balance savings account, life and accident insurance and many others. Read more on how to open PMJDY account with no valid documents.

  3. Passport in 10 days: This benefit of Aadhaar card will relieve you the most! If you have an Aadhaar card, you can get passport in just 10 days. Under this format, police verification will be done at a later date as opposed to the previous rule requiring police verification which used to be time consuming. Also under the new government's rule, if you need a passport, Aadhaar number is compulsory.

  4. Digital Locker: Government of India has launched digital locker (DigiLocker) system for everyone for storing all personal document on the government's server. And sign-up process for DigiLocker requires person to link his/her 12 digit Aadhaar card number. Check out benefits of DigiLocker.

  5. Voter Card Linking: Starting 9th March 2015, Aadhaar card UIDAI number would be linked to the voter ID's. This action is taken to eliminate bogus voters. Once an Aadhaar number is linked, it would become impossible for an multiple voter ID card holder to make it's illegal use, as registration requires voter card holder to be physically present and produce Aadhaar card to the polling booth officer for linking.

  6. Monthly Pension: All the pensioners from select states will now have to register their Aadhaar card number to their respective department in order to receive monthly pension. This move was initiated as there have been fraudulent incidents as beneficiaries requesting pension were found to be fake.

  7. Provident Fund: Similar to pension, provident fund money will be given to the account holder who've registered their Aadhaar number with employee provident fund organization (EPFO).

  8. Opening new bank account: Aadhaar letter provided by UIDAI is now acceptable by banks as a valid proof to open bank account. In fact, it can serve as an address proof as well provided address on Aadhaar card and address proof perfectly matches, i. e. no need to produce bunch of documents to the banks for opening the account. Check out benefits of linking Aadhaar number and bank account.