Digital Literacy Program

The National Digital Literacy Mission Training is aimed to have one person in every household should be digitally literate by the year 2020. NASSCOM Foundation is involved in overlooking the project from the government's side and promoting social development among the youth through Information and Communication Technologies. We are offering top-notch training and assistance in employment for all the students.

What is NDLM? :

  1. National Digital Literacy Mission ('NDLM') has been initiated with the vision to empower at least one person per household with crucial digital literacy skills by 2020. This is expected to touch the lives of more than 250 million individuals over the next few years. NDLM is an effort to complement government's vision to transform one from each household as digitally literate. The project aims at helping adults with low technological literacy develop the skills they need to interact in an increasingly digital world.
  2. The National Digital Literacy Mission is a dynamic and integrated platform of digital literacy awareness, education and capacity programmers that will help rural communities fully participate in the global digital economy. Our focus is on making technology central to enabling change.

What is NASSCOM? :

NASSCOM Foundation currently serves as the industry's Secretariat for the National Digital Literacy Mission. Our vision is to leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for empowering and transforming the lives of the underserved. One of the primary reasons behind formation of the Foundation was the commitment of NASSCOM and its member companies to promote social development through the application of ICT. We believe that ICT helps underserved populations access information, services and opportunities which build their capacities to realize their potential.

NDLM Process :

The training process can be classified into two categories :

  1. Registration : Eligible beneficiaries will be registered on an online portal by the training centers.
  2. Training : The registered beneficiaries will be provided a unique Username and Password for online training where besides basic level IT Literacy, the trainees will also be trained to effectively interact with the Govt. System and access G2C & B2C services.

Training Sectors

  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive Repair
  3. Banking and Accounting
  4. Business and Commerce
  5. Beauty & Wellness
  6. Construction
  7. Courier and Logistic
  8. Electrical
  9. Electronics
  10. Fabrication
  11. Printing
  12. Production & Manufacturing
  13. Refrigeration & Air Conditioner
  14. Renewable Energy
  15. Fashion Designing
  16. Garment Making
  17. Gems and Jeweler
  18. Hospitality
  19. Industrial Electrical
  20. Information Technology
  21. Leather and Sports Goods
  22. Media
  23. Medical and Nursing
  24. Security
  25. Telecom
  26. Travel and Tourism
  27. Textiles